5 Warning Signs That You’re Being Stalked

For some people, being stalked can seem a right-on thing to do.

The stress of a difficult relationship can lead to a series of worrisome behaviors. If you’re one of those people, keep this in mind. Some stalkers are flat-out dangerous. Others are simply charismatic. Some are devoted, while others use their love to gain control. Knowing what to do about your stalkers is key, especially if you’re targeted for stalking. While stalkers may believe that their fears are justified, there are some behaviors to keep in mind.

Pay attention to any odd behavior.

Stalkers are often on the hunt for help, so you may get emails, letters, visits and phone calls. If you have these types of correspondence, think twice before you click on them or respond.

Stalkers also write letters and snail mail, and they may threaten you or your family members with physical violence. Resist any temptation to respond because it might be staged. Also, don’t feel pressured to call them back. You may end up being manipulated into acting in your own best interest. Keep anything that you send to your stalker confidential.

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If you’re being stalked by a family member, make sure you keep the details of your relationship secret. This will protect you if it becomes necessary for you to leave a dangerous situation. If you must meet with your stalker, be honest about who you are and where you’re going. Don’t sugarcoat the meeting. Responding defensively, trying to make them feel comfortable with you and telling them how much you love them could make matters worse. Ask them a few questions to confirm that you’re comfortable with meeting.

Know what to look for in suspicious calls.

Whether you’re afraid of your family member or of a stalker, if you’re worried about your own safety, get an emergency alert number. These numbers can be contacted by contacting 911 or the local emergency number. Your local emergency dispatcher will then be able to inform you of the nature of the emergency and what resources are available to you.

Many users have reported that when they use this service, they received an emergency alert text message that stated, “Call 911 if you are in danger.”

Make sure you have an exit strategy.

If you’re dating someone who makes you feel unsafe or is controlling in any way, you might want to consider ending your relationship. But be careful not to rush into any decision without careful thinking.

Take time to gather facts about his (or her) behavior before you completely close the door on him. Do you have proof that he is abusive or controlling? If you had to talk to a police officer in your home, are you able to deal with the incident without his help? Are you moving out and is he going to follow you, get physical, or threaten you in any way?

If you feel that you or a member of your family needs help ending the relationship, seek out the help of a local resource (we have a list here).

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