A ‘dream of U.S.-made laptop chips’

Inside Lenovo, a ‘smarting’ bonding agent reduces costs and boosts performance

A special bonding agent inside Lenovo is becoming known as the “Dream of U.S.-Made Computer Chips”. Dubbed “calside”, the product combines a novel device combining bonded materials with specific technology, to bring cost, performance and reliability down. The developing technology, has yet to gain approval for commercial use, with details on the technology that is forming below.

What was the original reason for using chemicals for bonding?

“Our partners have been searching for years for technology that could improve the design, and performance of smart phone and tablet batteries,” said Brian Moon, General Manager of Intel’s Mobility Group.

is resulting in speedy, stronger and more durable batteries. These breakthroughs are derived from the combined properties of the bonded layer, as well as the electric dye used to inject the mixture of rubber and chemicals together.

The technology and chemistry must be extremely thin, to avoid breaking through the back cover of a mobile device. The encapsulated substances need to be invisible under light, making the upcoming product the equivalent of hidden features of the phone, when you unpack the phone from its packaging.

Dye Underwriting is a non-perishable process that includes nanotechnology as well as a coating of polymers and metal films around the bonded elements.

The speedy functionality makes an incredible strain on conventional batteries – but can look great to end-users. This solution can avoid battery slippage, which has been known to compromise performance in devices such as the Apple iPhone.

The new bonded technology is said to improve the charging time of mobile devices by an impressive 60%. Furthermore, the maximum available charging capacity of the chemistry increases to more than 4 times the overall battery charge. This packs a punch for speedy charging.

Presently, even the best batteries don’t exceed an effective 250 hours of charging. An additional boost in capability of over a thousand years could be attained by utilizing this blended chemistry.

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