Actor/Comedian Niecy Nash On Creating “Colored” Moments at Juilliard | SiriusXM’s “The Colored Men of Juilliard” On 1/21st

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“An organization like this – larger than a few people’s lives, it is simply not – a place for an individual, for an organization like this, to not want to say no.” – Actor/Comedian Niecy Nash on the Juilliard School’s $50 million “Colored” Gift.

Actor/Comedian Niecy Nash will host and narrate a special program on “The Colored Men of Juilliard” hosted by Juilliard School’s Arthur Rubinfeld in an effort to help decrease racial disparities in music education. The show, which is scheduled to air on SiriusXM on the 21st of January at 3pm EST, is all about celebrating the rich history of musical diversity through the performances of an all-black, full ensemble at Juilliard this past fall.

Nash explains, “This was basically a four part to four to four performance that I was involved in where the goal was not to create sensationalism – that was not the goal. It was not to embarrass the people at Juilliard – it was to have a really fun moment for Juilliard in an entertaining way because to everyone’s relief it was not made up. And I think the change that it made throughout the whole process for everyone there is – and I’m not trying to take anything away from the folks there, but it had a real convivial impact, and it really kind of just made Juilliard want to be more hospitable. And it might not be like that at all other schools – it might be like my people being insulted – but at Juilliard it was all an amazing, great moment.”

Nash also spoke about a talk she had with Gina Prince-Bythewood, the writer/director of “black-ish” at the recent African American Film Festival in New York City. Nash spoke about Prince-Bythewood’s set, which she reveals is even more diverse than the ABC series. “You can see the visual representation that my people are represented in an even more inclusive way than I’ve ever seen before, it was just beautiful.”

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