Autonomous bus driver pleads guilty to killing five in crash

The court closed its session this afternoon after giving the defendant his sentence.

David Guy Hutchinson lives on the premises of Britania, which has been managed by Britania Auto Service Station since 2009.

Britania recently got a piece of silver from Aukett Swanke, according to one court employee, and subsequently changed its fuel pump.

They said the technology used by the defendants had changed during the last five years.

A newsroom source told CNN that Hutchinson had recently been recommended for a position at Autonomy.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said the operator’s licence was suspended.

He added in a statement on Twitter: “My thoughts are with those injured, and all those involved in today’s collision, and all those who work at the Whitby service station.”

Whitehall told CNN it was looking into why the autonomous bus was operating without a licensed operator.

“Unlicensed operators can operate on the highway in England and Wales on the condition that they have conducted the minimum number of hours and have relevant knowledge, including journey planning,” a spokesman for the Ministry of Defence told CNN.

Investigators from the Joint Accident Investigation Branch will be at the scene and the owner of the vehicle is likely to be prosecuted as part of the investigation, according to Inhabitat.

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