Bob Turner, former Ontario Premier

It was in the 1990s that he moved from the private to the public sector: he served three terms as Ontario’s premier before leaving office in 2003.

He leaves a vibrant legacy in this country’s largest city, writes the Canadian business magazine Maclean’s.

Though the T.O. mayor was never particularly progressive, Mel Lastman was a politics-savvy technocrat and a man who did not shrink from either poking his nose into the workings of the institutions he served.

As Maclean’s went into extensive detail about Lastman’s career, noting his deft handling of both political power and urban affairs, and his use of technology to the benefit of constituents, especially in Toronto, their recent edition, which hit newsstands on Friday, included an interview with Lastman himself.

In it, he revealed that he had been offered the post of governor-general by Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. “Canada was my dream,” he said, “but I was thinking I just wanted to be mayor.”

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