Cardi B Says She Wasn’t Always Famous and Inspired by Niece

Cardi B.

“I never thought I’d be famous. No, like, even when I was little, I didn’t think I was famous. But, like, you see, I’m one of those people that’s always telling the truth. I’m stubborn. I know I’m living my dream, and that I don’t need to compromise myself. Like, even if I’m in a show, even if you just hired me for that day, I’m not going to give you my own money. I’m going to give you a little money, but not my whole money. It’s like, I’m not going to give you my whole money, because that’s my money, and I’m going to give it to my own people. I mean, because some people are trying to change me.

No, my thing is — in a country where people have been breaking laws since it’s new, like, I’m not really that famous. I’m not really that famous. That’s why I can still get married on the beach, because that’s how people do it. Nobody says that I’m a celebrity, like, I never want to, I’m just that person — I’m that person from the street, from where I come from. My momma doesn’t have a credit card — she can’t even pay a phone bill. I live the real world. I live in the hood. That’s where it’s from.

Even the jewelry that I have, you know, I bought it myself. I put on all that jewelry, even though it’s like $50,000, because I wear it every day. The other stuff, when I have those, I wear them on the red carpet. But when it’s the ghetto days, I’m wearing it every day. That’s like, me and my belt — you know what I’m saying? I got a belt from Mavi, and I get it from my aunt, and that’s my belt. I mean, that’s the person I am. And nobody can change that. If you want to change me, you should go to the Bronx and change me — that’s when you really have to change me.

Because, like, I’m a real person, I’m just a real person. And I’m not like anybody. I’m very different from no one. And people is crazy — I’m not always going to be like that. When I got fame, you’re going to see the Cardi B that was raised in the Bronx with nothing, and you’re going to see the Cardi B that did the whole modelling thing, and you’re going to see the Cardi B that was really really into fashion and comes from a loving family. Cardi B is Cardi B, man.

But, like, I’m gonna stay humble — if my name gets out there, then I just stay humble. I don’t want to forget who I am, and it’s not about what I do now, I want to remember who I was. But, it’s gonna be just Cardi B — Cardi B is Cardi B.”

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