China’s 14-year-old ‘kidnapped bride’ returns to family

Image copyright AFP Image caption Chinese police seized the young girl in August and put her into the care of an orphanage

Police in north-east China have sent a 14-year-old girl back to her parents after she allegedly tried to sell her into marriage.

The police discovered the incident after a neighbour alerted them to the girl’s letter pleading to be sent to her father to marry him.

The police discovered the girl’s desperate letter while investigating a building site a month ago.

The girl has now been reunited with her parents.

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Police in the city of Changchun in the Heilongjiang province (formerly Jilin province) have since arrested three men, aged between 50 and 70, from Longgu in the Guangxi region over the incident.

Three letters were discovered in a house being renovated – two to her family and one to her husband.

Image copyright AFP Image caption The girl addressed the letters to her husband

The “girl” asked her husband to seek forgiveness from her family for not wanting to be married, telling him: “Please find out if they accept me”.

The couple signed a contract with the girl’s parents to buy her at a price of 3,000 yuan (£330).

The letter ends with the girl appearing to give birth to a baby boy.

Police found her in a house they raided in August, after hearing a neighbour complain about their noise.

The neighbours alerted the police, who said the girl had been in the custody of an orphanage since the “marriage” was agreed.

In another case of this nature that provoked the public, a boy abducted from his home in Xinjiang in 2015 went on to marry the girl he picked up as a baby.

No charges have been brought against the parents.

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