Coven Energy hits new daily COVID record

Written by by Coralie Banzemberg, CNN

Australia’s Coven Energy Production has set a new daily COVID case record at its Coven Energy Terminal at Port Kembla on Australia’s east coast, exceeding the previous record by 12.5% a day over the past week.

The transit of COVID, or carbon dioxide, through the system is seen as a key indicator of the state of the economy — and potentially climate change. Not only does COVID account for roughly one-sixth of all the carbon emitted in Australia, it also makes up one-sixth of all the oxygen consumed in the country, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Coven Energy terminal at Port Kembla. Credit: Charles House/Getty Images North America/Getty Images

COVID meets the need for heat generation in Australia, Asia and North America, generating heat that supplies hot water for domestic and commercial use, as well as hot water for food production, refrigeration and other applications.

An ongoing mining project in Queensland is employing the exhaust from thousands of short-haul coal cargoes to heat nearby buildings, as well as two large industrial warehouses in Sydney, as well as a workshop to refurbish boilers. In total, COVID generation is expected to keep up to 600,000 homes heated during winter.

“COVID is a constant reminder of the vital role these gases play in meeting our growing demand for cooking and heating in Australia,” Diane Godfrey, chief executive of Origin Energy, said in a statement.

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