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Tucker Carlson: Biden’s economic policy, labor shortage ‘not a good sign’

It’s now 2016 and Democratic presidential hopeful, Joe Biden, says Trump doesn’t have a “fiduciary responsibility” to protect workers.

Of course, most Americans don’t have “fiduciary responsibility” to protect their own bottom line. Most people employ others and share employer responsibility for the results – or lack thereof – of their investments.

Biden is right that today’s economic policies have created too many barriers to new businesses, too much financial corruption and a shortage of good, well-paying jobs.

It’s no coincidence that when the economy was strong, for roughly half a century, many manufacturing plants opened, as families had more of their income to spend on goods.

But the economy was hollowed out by decades of Democratic policies that gave favored unions too much clout and crushed the small businesses that were the source of most of the jobs.

Now the problem is getting worse. The supply of jobs isn’t falling. It’s rising. And some of the positions remain unfilled. Why is that?

Donald Trump has enacted policies that discourage many skilled people – like doctors and lawyers – from going into the field. Union bosses are forcing new business owners to surrender to the same old, same old laws that they’ve created. Big business is blaming foreigners. Workers union bosses and Democratic lawmakers blame each other.

Economic policies that helped lay the groundwork for the 19th century boom – i.e., protecting competition from too much government, changing the laws to make employment more secure, making sure workers got good pay for decent jobs – would work just as well today.

Sorry to have disappointed you, Joe.

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