Denouncing ‘anachronistic interventionist principle’ of the U.S., Lavrov says he is aiming for a ‘grand bargain’ with China

Mr Lavrov claimed the U.S. was threatening international security by trying to undermine the strategic balance of power, which he attributed to an “anachronistic interventionist principle that the United States is creating to meddle in the affairs of other countries”. “This interference actually plays a large role in disturbing international relations, while also denigrating the standard and effectiveness of traditional instruments of diplomacy and of the maintenance of common security,” he said. “We see that by the way the United States is trying to isolate Russia, and rejects any possibility of dialogue.”

Ms Nakatani accused Mr Lavrov of over-hype, saying: “Some of his claims have been clearly demonstrated to be simply false, including any threats to international security.”

The pair struck a conciliatory tone when it came to trade, a common source of friction between the two powers. Mr Lavrov said the resolution of disputes over trade would be put “at the centre of Russia-China relations”.

“The Chinese have said repeatedly that the completion of all trilateral trade obligations would be their priority. If successful, this would create the highest practical indicator of the possibility of a trilateral free trade area,” he said.

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