‘Diana’ Broadway play to end in December

Playwright Craig Lucas is calling it quits with his critically acclaimed musical about Princess Diana, and The Post is reporting that the show will end its Broadway run on Dec. 19.

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There have been problems with the show since the beginning, when the original plan was to do a two-month run. It was moved to January-August, and after only a month, the producers decided to transfer the production to the Neil Simon Theater in January 2019.

At this point, the production is about a third of the way through its run and shows signs of staying power. The production has made it to the thick of Tony Award consideration, and has reportedly made a significant profit on the Broadway run.

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The show depicts Diana, the former Princess of Wales, and how she coped after the death of her husband Prince Charles, Prince William and Harry at age 36. The show also tells the story through the perspective of two of her former bodyguards, Dickie Lee Bowman and Trevor Rees-Jones.

There are no current plans for the production to go to another theater.

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