Ex-Fox News reporter Julie Roginsky wins lawsuit against Bill O’Reilly

CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Dana Bash tweeted from inside the courtroom

Former Fox News reporter Julie Roginsky has won her motion to dismiss a libel lawsuit filed by the network’s former star personality Bill O’Reilly, a Delaware judge has ruled.

The judge rejected a motion by O’Reilly and Fox to have the lawsuit thrown out of court, saying Roginsky’s allegations were “sufficiently germane to show defamatory meaning and context.”

“[…] [I]t would be one thing if she alleged that O’Reilly was impermissibly slandering her for a host of alleged hearsay lies but something else if her allegations are confined to attacks on O’Reilly’s reputation for the criminal acts he committed,” Judge John Leo wrote.

Eleanor Caldwell, vice chair of the Delaware Civil Court, said the decision is “fair” and did not mean “Fox News is right.”

Roginsky’s lawsuit was filed in June 2018 following a public acrimonious breakup between Roginsky and O’Reilly after more than 15 years of covering New York City politics, including the race for mayor. The public filing was a victory in itself for the former journalist, who said the relationship between herself and O’Reilly was characteristically closed-off.

“It’s true: I have never been public about my relationship with Bill O’Reilly,” Roginsky wrote in a memo to CNN on Monday. “It’s something I don’t feel comfortable discussing. But he abused that trust.”

During the separation, O’Reilly posted a photo to Twitter of Roginsky smiling and dressed in a red dress and blue lipstick.

“A pal of mine is humiliated by the breakup,” O’Reilly wrote, “so I’m sharing a pic.”

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