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Category: Private Travel in Diplomatic Territories

You can travel around the world (in the company of diplomatic staff) and not have to worry about what your passport may say. After the position has been taken for you and your visa has been given, the Embassy will recommend a license, travel permit, and in some cases, a document called an ‘accreditation’ to accompany you. This document can then give you a global, postal address that can be added to your travel visa.

This process usually takes 8-14 days to complete (in three stages) through embassy records. The process is quite detailed and requires a number of pieces of evidence. From initial issuance to updating your personal details to the final state within the most difficult stage.

Your document, your passport, and visa will be tracked through the embassy. This process can take longer than your trip!

After the visa has been issued by your embassy, the final certificate has to be given to your local Post Office. As this is still a sealed document you need to have your passport in possession with you at all times while preparing to apply. This may mean you need to have your passport on you the entire time whilst you are taking care of all other paperwork.

The certificate sent by Post Office/Triple Check will tell you exactly how far along the bureaucratic process you are.

US: Citizenship

Applications for naturalization are accepted at (

In April 2013


Applications for US citizenships have to be submitted by February 15 for the 2013/2014 term and November 15 for the 2014/2015 term.

Microsoft: Passport

During the 2012/2013 US presidential election year, Microsoft released the Passport app as a way to verify applicants for citizenship while circumventing the requirement to submit a paper passport application. The app required the user to prove US citizenship by matching their email address and other credentials on-line and uses the user’s online Microsoft Live account to verify their identity and access to other online services as an example.

Interestingly, just a few months before Microsoft released the app, it launched a similar application that used data from biometric analysis.

The app used something called ‘biometric data’. The card was scanned, the information entered and then the data was sent back and on-line in order to confirm the information submitted. Some critics pointed out that it was being applied more in terms of fast-tracking citizenship rather than fraud, if it were to be applied as fraud, there would have to be very little to falsify and submit.

While using the app (even without a Microsoft account), it is obvious it is required (and could be easily revoked) for anyone who wishes to legally register for US citizenship.

Additionally, recent reports have indicated some will be joining the Border Patrol using the app.

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