Ford’s government stands in the way of bold climate action | Tim Kilpatrick

Shame that Premier Doug Ford’s fake environmental agenda was ignored in last week’s Court of Appeal decisions on the Toronto environmental assessment process. He lacks credibility as a leader on this issue – or on any issue. And his pandering to his far-right Christian base of voters with a new opt-out Church Tax, a toothless light-rail transit plan and a ruinous plan to rip up protected lands for highway expansion show he’s not interested in making great decisions for Ontarians or for the environment.

Now Ford wants to add new hurdles for climate action by dragging out reviews of wind and solar projects. That’s a bad outcome for homeowners and communities, and would add a great deal more costs to industries.

We need bold climate action, strong renewable energy policies and a smart electricity system to make clean energy a reality. We also need federal leadership and a strong carbon price, or a global emissions cap. In that scenario, these court decisions would be a plus for Ontario. Instead, Ford’s government has put Ontarians’ health and well-being in jeopardy through a con game – and his anti-environmental agenda will lead us to a hotter planet.

Tim Kilpatrick, MPP for Windsor West, is member of Ontario’s energy and climate change committee

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