Former NFL player says he has CTE, suffers from short-term memory loss

Vincent Jackson, a 14-year NFL veteran who retired in 2017, has been diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the serious neurological condition affecting football players. According to the Oakland Tribune, Jackson’s brain was examined last year by researchers at Boston University. There is no timetable for a definitive diagnosis, but Jackson told the Tribune he is “already experiencing severe short-term memory loss, and other cognitive issues.” Jackson also added that he started experiencing seizures in 2016. “I can’t believe what’s going on,” Jackson told the paper. “I loved football.” CTE, often referred to as the football dementia, is known to impair memory, impulse control and decision-making. In January, a Boston University study of 255 deceased former football players showed that all of them had the same disease.

In March, the New England Patriots placed former team captain Kevin Wilkins, a linebacker, on retirement after his wife said he was deteriorating rapidly due to CTE. Wilkins died earlier this year at just 40. The sports publication ESPN reported earlier this year that the number of concussions suffered by NFL players had nearly doubled in the past decade. While the NFL could be behind some of the nation’s fastest growing health concerns, it is still not known why such serious brain injuries appear to be increasing. Researchers have expressed concern that some of the leagues practices, such as quick hits during games, could be driving the problem.

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