Friday, Nov. 23: Trump calls ex-chief of staff ‘Sloppy Reince’; Kelly resigns

Donald Trump has referred to his former chief of staff Reince Priebus as “Sloppy Reince” and even as recently as Friday, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, his former rival, called the former chief of staff a “lying, s—-y.” On the same day, Trump took time out of a busy morning to tweet about the failure of the Republican tax cut package, a glaring contrast to his usual preoccupation with presidential business and his talk on the tax bill going out of the window. “Never like this before!” Trump wrote. “Teams that don’t work together, including yes, those that are happy together, sometimes don’t succeed at all.” But, long before he was president, Mr. Trump had a problem of his own in that regard. The result was a tale of two Trump men: the White House where Roy Moore’s wife sobbed uncontrollably in a televised White House ceremony; the White House where John Kelly, the architect of the president’s campaign to modernize the presidential staff, quit in disarray. On a January night, however, the two were united by the first text message Mr. Trump received about the tumultuous period in his early days in office. It was from Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina, a bitter Trump nemesis who had left the Trump transition team. “With the news of the day,” Mr. Meadows wrote in a text he sent to Mr. Trump, “I want to send you an invitation for you to come down to North Carolina immediately. That is the first thing I am going to do if I am not invited to the president’s speech in North Dakota tomorrow.”

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