Ghislaine Maxwell: details from trial at Versailles

On trial since 9 November, Maxwell has been charged with conspiracy to corrupt, bribery and perjury over her past dealings with dairy farmer Francois “Fra” Teboul and his wife Jean. The Tebouls, partners in Estee Healthcare at the time, stand accused of accepting money from Maxwell to buy milk from Peugeot as well as receiving bribes in return. In return, they negotiated a supermarket price for their milk, re-branding it Fairtrade. The Moggish Tory MP is accused of bribing politicians with a diplomatic gift of $3,000 a head (see right-hand side of photograph) and finding a vendor who exploited a loophole in the system to procure a bottle of wine for $14 at a New Jersey restaurant. “We cannot compromise human rights, but that is not the case here. The Italians are being paid three times as much for their wine as we are in America and the Chinese are being paid 17 times as much for their wine as the Americans are,” Maxwell argued.

Among the extracts from his evidence read out during the trial in the city of Versailles:

Ghislaine Maxwell (R), admitted to a police officer, pictured above, that she was the individual using the code name ‘Mr X’. (William Vyne-Tempest-Stewart/Herald Leader)

On why she wanted to bring high-profile figures to France:

Ghislaine Maxwell says the first person she invited for dinner was the World Cup winning coach, Juergen Klinsmann.

She wanted to invite Jacques Chirac to France because he would be interested in a relationship with one of her children.

When asked why she considered Ghislaine Maxwell (R), who was 16 at the time, to be her daughter, she said: “My doctor is French and he doesn’t speak English, so she comes first”. (This account is based on the testimony of one of Ghislaine Maxwell’s daughters, who was 14 at the time and appeared in court as a witness for the prosecution)

She started dating the French doctor a year after completing her training in France (see n)

He wanted the former French ambassador to whom she was working to talk to her mother, she said. She considered the diplomatic gift to be a way of introducing her to France.

She was introduced to Laurent Fabius by the French ambassador to the UN, Jean-Marc de la Sabliere. She said she made a party of the pair, buying drinks and choosing a music to play. She alleges that Fabius later took a bribe, but was cleared of the allegations by the French judiciary (see b)

On the hiring of a French bodyguard who had previously worked for Laurent Fabius:

Ghislaine Maxwell (R) told her mother she was hiring someone to do her father’s (mr van ‘Hellwailing’ van der Woude) lawn work after he lost part of his leg (see c)

For Ghislaine Maxwell, being an MP and trying to win elections in her constituency was “like football – it’s not about being the best player, it’s about winning”.

And finally:

Ghislaine Maxwell (R) was far more keen to promote her status and assist her son-in-law, than anything else in her life

Ghislaine Maxwell was vague about her role in the political campaign of the Labour candidate at her father-in-law’s funeral, said to have been a very close friend (see c)

Ghislaine Maxwell told the jury she did not remember delivering a favour for Ghislaine Maxwell (R) who had not been present in the house and whom she had not seen for a while before (see c)

Ghislaine Maxwell may not have to be extradited to the US if she is convicted because the country does not extradite accused members of one of its elite political families (see b)

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