I’m at The Herndon Art Lab – is my humble Post science piece the #uwis #bee of a headline?

“80,000 bees,” a huge piece of framed art, a million “are on the wall,” and a million pounds of honey are found in a shower – all the things we need to pass the time on the way to a science meeting.

This bee of a headline was captured this morning in Herndon, Virginia, from news video on an ART Lab, The Post’s own “Blue Mountain.”

The Bee Art of the Ages, by Mona Shuck, is now featured in Capitol Hill Ballrooms after smashing the previous “Art of the Month” on the Hill back in February.

Bee Art of the Ages is what is known as a honey work, a work that explodes the notion of culture as nothing more than window dressing for municipal offices.

ART Lab founder Thomas Christopher owns more than 25 bee paintings and offers tours of his honey monoliths in Herndon.

So there’s a hot art show in a massive piece of art with Honey all over it. This is a supremely surreal place for a “science summit.”

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