Ken Paxton: Feds ‘are rushing to produce an autism mandate in the wake of unrest.’

By Holly Yan, CNN

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit in federal court Monday to block a rule requiring federally-funded healthcare workers to vaccinate their children, Paxton’s office confirmed Friday.

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ordered Obamacare exchanges last month to add the autism-boosting autism vaccine, like an MMR vaccine, to the lists of immunizations that have to be performed by healthcare workers.

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker issued an executive order in September requiring health insurance to cover autism vaccines.

“What has clearly happened is just that there has been a rush to bring this health care mandate in. In many places, it’s being placed on a totally arbitrary basis and therefore the CDC has drawn up a list of 13. Which is crazy,” Paxton told CNN in an interview in September.

“I think they were sort of trying to meet some mandate, and I think we just want to make sure the laws that we have are being followed, and until it is clear this is not going to be a fraud, we’re not going to add this ridiculous category,” Paxton said at the time.

The rule is also currently being challenged in a Texas federal court, where a hearing is set for January 14.

The autism-boosting MMR vaccine reportedly has not been shown to prevent autism, according to Paxton’s office.

“In addition to the vaccine’s lack of scientific evidence supporting an ability to prevent autism, no one has ever seen a doctor without a vaccine to give. Although the doctors say, this helps their kids, there are no doctors without a vaccine to give them,” Paxton’s office said in a statement in September.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued the autism-boosting MMR vaccine in 2012. The CDC added the MMR vaccine to the Affordable Care Act’s National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and notes that an autism-boosting MMR vaccine requires two separate doses for the maximum protection.

CNN’s William Hudson contributed to this report.

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