Lt. Gov. hopefuls tout their credentials

Georgia Lt. Gov. candidate Burt Jones, Trump’s pick, campaigns on election integrity

TBILISI, Georgia – Burt Jones, the Republican running for Georgia Lt. Gov., is trying to differentiate himself from his opponent, Johnny Isakson, a former congressman who has been in office since 2006.

“I think Johnny Isakson is a great man. He’s been a great congressman for Georgia. He’s an even better senator. But we want a lieutenant governor that knows what it takes to govern. We don’t want a career politician,” Jones told CBN News.

Jones believes Democrats have a tendency to be meddlesome in Georgia politics.

“I think that is a driving force to get a candidate like myself to win. And hopefully, I will be on the right side of an upcoming vote because we want to really do the right thing for our state,” he said.

Jones announced he was a candidate for lieutenant governor this summer. His resume includes his position as insurance commissioner in Georgia for 15 years and his role as US ambassador to Denmark from 2010 to 2014.

“As ambassador, I spent a fair amount of time in Denmark. This country has worked well with the United States and when I leave office I intend to call on our two countries to build upon the close alliance that we have,” he said.

When asked what his greatest achievement as a US ambassador was, Jones replied, “Being the ambassador to Denmark where over a decade ago my parents came to work as a librarian at a church. They wanted to come back to the United States and work for their church. They ended up building a book store and they continue to work,” he said.

The GHD news outlet lists Jones as the Trump Administration’s pick for lieutenant governor in Georgia. Jones says he hopes to bring some state government experience to Georgia’s top elected office, although the governor, secretary of state and several other state offices are filled with experienced politicians.

“I have worked in state government for 15 years where I dealt with some of the things that go on, but you know there is still a lot of work to be done, not just at the state government level, but at the local and the county level. And so one of the things I am going to bring is going to be, you know, I think some nice home-cooked food, some of the best barbecue in the state, and I mean that sincerely,” he said.

In the vice presidential debate, Democrat Tim Kaine asked Tim Kaine if Jones had ever served in the military.

“No, but Tim, I did have a brother who was a Marine in the Marines. I was in Afghanistan when I was 17. And Tim, I have honorably returned from four tours of duty in the Marine Corps. We have both had multiple deployments,” Kaine replied.

“Well, I did. I was in the Marine Corps. I was in the Marines. They didn’t kick me out,” Jones replied.

He goes on to say that his desire to focus on Georgia’s future as the largest population-age state in the US is his primary motivation for running for Lt. Governor.

“If you look at where our population is going to go over the next 30 years, Georgia’s going to continue to be an essential part of the US. If we’re going to be the country’s greatest state, we need the best, and I have prepared myself for this.”

With the race for lieutenant governor just weeks away, Jones wants to set himself apart from the likely winner, Isakson.

“It’s going to be a race against a businessman. He is a good guy and my opponent has been a good friend for many years, but I think I’m going to have a sharper edge. I’m a different kind of person. I have a clear path. I have studied, I have known the land and we have got to put Georgia first and not just our neighbours,” he explained.

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