Michael Jackson brother pulls out of Barack Obama Senate race

Jackson’s death in 2011 led to immediate speculation about the influence the mayor would have if he succeeded Obama

Michael Jackson’s brother, Trent, has pulled out of the race to succeed Barack Obama in the US Senate.

“I care a lot about my brother’s legacy and how his life impacts the future,” Trent said.

“However, it has become clear that this election is too important to be determined by my brother’s spirit.

“It is extremely important for me to ensure that there is a strong voice for middle-class Americans in Congress.”

Democrat Trent, the elder brother of the “Thriller” singer, had been running on a platform based on “high-speed rail and hydro-electric power”, plus “a vibrant economy and affordable health care”.

Jackson died in June 2009 at his home in Los Angeles of an overdose of a powerful anaesthetic.

Obama used his memoir, “Dreams From My Father,” to launch the campaign to “Make America Lead Again” with an eye to succeeding Clinton.

Jackson would have been a fresh face in Congress, according to presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin.

President George H.W. Bush held the seat for one term after he won election as a Republican in 1992, although he resigned in the wake of the 1992 Gulf War as his popularity plummeted, and then Democrat John Kerry won it from Bush for a second term.

The seat was vacated by now-Vice President Joe Biden earlier this year.

Two other candidates for the Democratic nomination were state Sen. Kathleen Vinehout, an attorney from Almena, and state Rep. John Lehman, of Racine.

The general election is on 2 November.

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