Mommy, I’m not OK with you doing this in front of my kids

So here we are, set for our first International Travel Days trip since the birth of my kids. Will it be kind of like the days of our separate college days? Yes. Will my excitement to have family together with cousins and friends be equally as sweet? Yes. Will I get to run around on the streets of Prague? Every inch of the way. Every corner? Yes. Will I have an understanding of the food? Of that creep into every culture to which the cousins of my wedding have gone to live? Will I have the talk with my sons about beer and be able to walk around with both outstretched arms? Yes. Will this be a pleasant experience? Yes.

This is going to be an experience that cannot be compared to other adventures my wife has gone on in other cultures, but it should be like the bike ride she took around the city of Rio de Janeiro or the version of myself that she took on my trip to the Alaskan wilderness. When I see a cultural essence in a place I am visiting, I want to be as playful as possible so that I can feel as though I am part of the culture rather than just a tourist. However, it is imperative that I know my boundaries and boundaries with my children in this trip and with my family in the country.

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