NRA, gun industry sue New York attorney general over costly lawsuit

The National Rifle Association, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a gun trade group, and the National Firearm Dealers Association announced they have filed a lawsuit against New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood over her pursuit of New York gun manufacturers for the cost of complying with the state’s public nuisance law.

Underwood, a Democrat who succeeded Eric Schneiderman, filed a lawsuit in September saying manufacturers are knowingly making bad products, the guns aren’t safe and should therefore be blocked from making firearms.

The state has an “existing law that specifically states that manufacturers must provide their customers with a ‘safe gun’,” Kevin Remington, senior director of sales and legislative affairs at the NSSF, told Fox News. “This lawsuit is nothing more than a thinly-veiled effort to improperly seize firearms and punish manufacturers.”

“State law explicitly makes the very existence of the firearms industry a public nuisance, yet this claim is baseless,” Remington said. “The Association will continue to work to bring more jobs and sales back to the Empire State.”

Underwood said the lawsuit charges that “much of the gun industry has embarked on a long march toward a future in which it will be primarily self-regulated” through gun safety standards, while leaving consumer safety alone.

“From creating standards for the manufacturing of bullets to certifying gun components to promulgating safe guns, the attorney general is taking an independent approach to combat industry-driven market instability and protect New Yorkers from dangerous firearms,” Underwood said in a statement.

At the time, the industry announced it would be suing Underwood over the public nuisance law.

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