Palestinian arrested after deadly attack on Israeli soldiers

Video, courtesy of Israeli military, shows the Israeli military responding to the attack

(CNN) – A man has been killed in a West Bank shooting attack that Israeli troops shot at, the Israeli military said.

On Friday afternoon, an Israeli border guard was shot and wounded in the incident, the military said.

The perpetrator fled the scene and was shot and killed by soldiers near Bethlehem, the army said in a statement.

At least four people were wounded by gunfire in the shooting attack, according to the military. One of the wounded, the border guard, was in serious condition, the army said.

Two Palestinians were arrested following the incident, the military said. A soldier and a child were also injured by the gunfire.

A few minutes after the attack, a Palestinian man rammed his car into a group of Israeli police officers near the West Bank settlement of Otniel, according to police.

Both attacks were promptly followed by response strikes by Israeli forces, according to the military. The military said it is launching an investigation into the incident involving the border guard and arrested the Palestinian driver in the attack on police.

The military said two Palestinians attacked Israeli security forces with knives and the vehicle rammed into a police patrol near the settlement. Israeli forces responded, and one Israeli soldier was injured in the ensuing clashes, the military said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the attacks as terror attacks.

The attack occurred just hours after the United States announced new sanctions on the Hamas terrorist group in the Gaza Strip.

“These latest terrorist attacks against Israelis are terrorism, plain and simple,” Netanyahu said. “We condemn them completely and we will do everything in our power to stop Hamas in Gaza. Hamas must immediately dismantle the command and control centers in the Gaza Strip.”

In a statement, the Israel Security Agency, or Shin Bet, confirmed that one of the suspects arrested by Israeli forces was a Hamas member who was responsible for an attack last month in the Israeli city of Ramat Gan.

At the time, Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian who tried to ram his car into a group of Israeli soldiers near the West Bank settlement of Elitzur. The Shin Bet said the suspects arrested in Friday’s incident have been in contact with Hamas operatives in Gaza and in the West Bank over the past few months.

Two other suspects were apprehended by Hamas members in Gaza and are suspected of planning attacks on the Jewish people and Israelis.

“This weekend we will continue to create deterrence and exact a steep price for this murderous ideology of attacks and terrorism,” Netanyahu said.

Friday’s attacks come after several deadly attacks involving Palestinians.

Israeli police killed two Palestinian attackers last month when they exchanged fire near the West Bank settlement of Tekoa.

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