Plants As Toys: Never Underestimate the Power of Orgasmic Lycanthropy

*Nearly half of all Canadians live in homes, where breathing — as well as living — can be difficult. An estimated 150,000 people with obstructive sleep apnea—the leading cause of moderate-to-severe snoring—also have chest pains and fatigue, but have a hard time accessing services. Eucalyptus LP, a major producer of manufactured air carriers, has created a device that may dramatically reduce health-care costs and improve safety in this environment: the N95.

*The first units arrived in Ontario hospitals on Tuesday to help meet the urgent need for it. Airways LLC, a division of Airways LP that has been marketing the N95 since 2017, plans to eventually offer it to hospitals and homes in Canada. It is also expected to be marketed in the U.S. through its third-party logistics providers and distributors.

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