Queen Elizabeth will miss several major sporting events in the future

Queen Elizabeth will often attend the Wimbledon tennis championships, which take place this year from July 3 to 16, but there will be no more appearances at Grand Slams – or any other tournaments – for some time. The Queen has become the first reigning British monarch to miss many of her own country’s major sporting events since 1936.

Why, then, did she attend Sunday’s Women’s U.S. Open tennis final, featuring number one seed and Madison Square Garden legend Serena Williams against Indian star Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova? According to the Queen, tennis means everything to her and it’s important to appreciate such accomplishment while the players are still so young and for young people to understand how difficult it is to achieve them.

Here’s what the Queen said before the women’s final on Sunday:

You never cease to amaze me. One moment you are at the bottom, struggling to keep a lid on your emotions, and the next moment you are champion. It is so important to raise and nurture the talent of our young people and it is terrific to see the contributions that some of our outstanding young players have made to this year’s Grand Slam, and to their success — and we are extremely proud of all that they have achieved. Sport is important to the United Kingdom. I am determined that we will never stop enjoying the thrill of our sporting heroes at all of our major sports events and will always treat them with the respect they deserve. We must support those who aspire to play sport in the future, and provide them with the facilities and facilities of the best. The dream that the tennis world and many others have about the future of sport in this country is enormous and I hope that we can give those who take up sport the opportunity to make the most of their talents to deliver a fully developed and thriving sport sector that will be of benefit to all our citizens for years to come.”

Well said, Her Majesty.

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