Radio Town Hall: Is Seoul Not In The Right Place To Continue To Be Fast Growing And Rich?

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Now a multicity parade in a strong economy, Seoul aims to become the most populated city in the world this year – with 4.3 million people but a population that’s shrinking.

The city’s planning chief, Oh Seong-woo, says: “We can make a better Seoul and serve a lot of young people as well, but if we do not plan new things we cannot make that progress. You must build skyscrapers, bridges, subway systems, make sure you run a successful economic society and not be just a housing city. We must be the most economical city in the world. What is important is that we work with the private sector because not just the government owns everything here, we have to get the private sector involved. “

Radio Town Hall hosts, Brian Kilmeade and Ainsley Earhardt are joined by Kim Un-jong of the Seoul Economic Research Institute. This follows their editorial on K-pop culture, Daniel Keohane of Keohane Wealth Management joins in on the guests to help pave the way to the panel discussion.

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