Serena Williams loses at 18 to the European junior champion

Written by Staff Writer, CNN

Raducanu needed 12 days after her first-round departure from the French Open before turning her hand to the US Open, where she claimed victory over Shuai Zhang in the second round.

The 18-year-old American then fell in the round of 16 at Wimbledon to Williams’s younger sister, Serena.

The latest loss of America’s favorite tennis hope to an 18-year-old had more than once sparked calls for a new Grand Slam director. Tennis administrator Chris Kermode heads the Royal Tennis Court Association.

“I felt kind of bad,” McEnroe told CNN. “I felt like I had some technical things (on the computer) wrong. I had some personal things in there that were silly that I sort of had no business getting up so early for in the morning.

“But I made the forecast. I knew exactly what to do. I felt I knew exactly what the conditions were going to be.

“Certainly the press called her number the day before she played. Not them, me.”

“It’s a little far to say she’s old and there’s no point in her being there, and it was unneeded,” the former world number one added.

“She was supposed to win Wimbledon.”

After beginning the 2017 season on fire, Williams dropped a staggering 13 titles between mid-August and the US Open

Raducanu’s success is now giving rise to the emergence of a new champion in US tennis.

At 16 the current world number 60 defeated Venus Williams en route to the quarterfinals of the Australian Open in January.

“I do think it is refreshing to have a little bit of a fresh face,” the 1980 US Open champion said.

“And you know, we don’t see as much as we used to back in the day when we used to see quite a few young players coming through.

“They don’t want to have to go and work for 40 years to get where they want to be.

“Now, it’s easy. The goal is done. You’ve got your money. You’ve got sponsors. You’ve got a nice life. So, it’s nice to have a fresh face come through.

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