Streetcars plan to sail away from Montreal

Written by Jenny Leung, CNN

Curbside parking is becoming a new trend for new projects around the world, with cars on the street instead of in the garage. But in Montreal, drivers might want to hit the road.

The city’s new streetcars are slated to be towed away after a six-year contract is up in 2020. To prevent congestion and the potential for collisions, only the rail of the streetcars will stay in place and will be secured on the street, instead of stored under the car.

But is this a good idea? We decided to take a closer look.

1 / 14 – Venice Channel This proposed design by Keppler for an underground toll highway along the channel. Credit: Courtesy Architecture 2025/Courtesy of Keppler

Streetcars in Venice

Designer Donald Keppler proposed a futuristic solution to the overcrowding at Venice’s Termini station in 2004. The grand designer’s red octagonal, sea-facing road-car and a boat-liner resembling floating platform would start and end at Termini.

A mirrored platform would greet pedestrians and gondoliers crossing the waterway into the station, where skybridges would serve commuters, along with shops and cafes.

Donald Keppler’s concept in Venice. Credit: Courtesy Architecture 2025/Courtesy of Keppler

A former rail tunnel would be designed by J and G Turner and built on the site of the current subway system. The bridge and tunnel would be privately owned with access based on turns of a wheel to provide tourists easy access to the Arsenale and accompanying museums.

An accompanying and refurbished Venice Transporter Bridge could link the two platforms.

Still sticking with the waterways theme, the design would have a floating platform built right along the canal to cater to traffic during morning and evening rush hour.

“Venice is a city of metaphor — Venice is the sea, the water — it’s the end of the world. We’ve been saying for years that people will come to enjoy the city rather than leaving, and now it is happening,” Keppler told CNN in 2004.

Venice served as inspiration for Dubai’s The World , a collection of more than 500 man-made islands shaped like palm trees that aim to house residents and tourist.

Former North Sea Seaways bridge extended by half a mile in The Netherlands

Time to say good-bye to the original boat bridge? Credit: Courtesy Design Museum, Düsseldorf / Courtesy of Cruzable / Courtesy of Design Museum, Düsseldorf

A floating bridge

Developers in China are already building a floating park that will be attached to its big waves. The floating seven-acre park on the North Sea off the coast of Dalian will float off in 2022, its creators say.

After completion, it will extend the existing Zhongshan Chinese Boat Park, while also include an education facility with exhibits, a 1,000-seat sports hall, a theatre, gardens and restaurants.

“Right now you can only walk across this stretch of water. It will be an enormous destination on the North Sea, and is clearly a real attraction in itself,” Gong Fei, founder of Jinlei Design and the project’s creative director, said in a press release.

The floating bridge was inspired by the Turkish Delight fish trap , and while there aren’t any plans for roaming boats, their platforms can house attractions, indoor water sports and tennis courts.

The new platform on the North Sea will extend Zhongshan Chinese Boat Park into the sea, and offer floating 7-acre public park. Credit: Gao Qing

Rental boats would then inhabit the bridges of the catwalklike platform. Zhang Xianhua, chief designer of the platform, told the China Daily that visitors “will be able to float on the fluid waters and experience things like floating flowers, floating plants and floating dinosaurs”.

No luxury hotel quite like the Bacchanal

Ever wished for a luxury hotel room that looks like the inside of Bacchanal? Enter the very leaky burrow beneath Moscow’s GUM department store.

In 2014, architects Lina Flimlin and Alexander Limonov proposed a revolutionary central Atelier. The revolutionary concept would feature 68-seater apartments ranging from one to 36 square meters (795 to 765 square feet).

The only thing would be missing? Each apartment’s infamous double-most-to-one view – the massive ceiling over the sweeping shop

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