‘Teddy boy’: Football fan kicked autistic fan in game

By Maggie Maier, CNN • Updated 16th September 2011

Update 6:21 a.m. EDT | In another dramatic case of a spectator’s viral video gone too far, a man appeared in court on Friday after he was captured on camera kicking an autistic boy.

Police issued the man, 51-year-old Stomize Smalls, a trespass order and asked that he not be allowed near Southern Methodist University, where the boy was playing football. Smalls had previously attended SMU and was reportedly escorted from the football stadium when he showed up Friday.

Sgt. Gary Knight said Smalls and the boy were not related.

Editor’s note: Watch the video, which appears to show Smalls kicking a boy in the face, here:


McKenzie Freshwater calls him Teddy.

“He’s just a tiny baby. He’s just three-and-a-half, right?” Freshwater said.

He was at Memorial Stadium in Stillwater on Friday, live-streaming from a vehicle above the field, watching a football game between the Oklahoma State Cowboys and the University of Central Arkansas.

The man behind the camera, most likely Smalls, swung his foot and kicked the boy. The camera quickly pointed to the video screen.

“Get to my country, boy,” the man can be heard saying as the kick hurts the child.

Freshwater and another man left the game quickly, but his girlfriend told CNN iReport what happened.

“I told my boyfriend to move because the crowd was distracting me,” Gina Hobbs wrote. “The guy just kept continuing to point at the baby and laughing with friends.”

By Sunday, the man was arrested and charged with felony child abuse, said Lt. Kurt Calandrella of the Stillwater Police Department.

The photos of the boy’s swollen, bloody face, posted by his mother on social media, have made national news. It is unclear whether the boy suffered any permanent damage.

Smalls was scheduled to appear in court on Monday, Calandrella said.

There was no immediate comment from Smalls or the SMU administration.

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