Tiny Love Stories: Phone Game Features Spotted Family Faces

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If you’ve read any of the Star Wars books or the video games, you’ll probably notice a lot of very big faces staring at each other.

FOX’s Alexander Witt reports in this week’s “Tiny Love Stories”:

This is a FOX News Radio special.

The #1 most downloaded smartphone game in the world. But over 200 million people just play with it and enjoy it, but you’ll never get to see their face.

Or anyway, look at this – it’s a screen that wraps around a living room, capturing even the backs of your legs. So how did they do that?

And once you’ve played “Super Mario Run” you’ll have no choice but to sit down, but with puzzle and adventure games, it’s easy to find fun after a small bump in the road.

And what’s it like to go down in an elevator.

None of us could expect to get into a Subway. But the story comes with the door closing.

And even though you never see each other, in the words of teddy bear, cuddly, it makes me feel all warmed up.

And a parent waits to be separated to make a joke and have an occasional laugh.

Not even a parent can help himself, much less a yellow lab.

People in groups of three or four can be quite entertaining, but together, they’re a miracle.

–Alexander Witt, FOX News Radio.

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