What’s in a name? Tell us, as pharma titan Pfizer unveils new pills

Pfizer revealed in an announcement that their new Pill, OxyContin Nitropress will be available in the United States through a ‘controlled release’ design. Meanwhile, Morphine XR (Percocet) was just released by HCl Acadia for Canada and the EU – a patented system to deliver OxyContin Nitropress.

The final analysis of reports of 15 generic OxyContin Nitropress (12mg and 16mg) and OxyContin tablets were completed by, the FDA, ICIUS and ICOTR.

Formulation results “sufficiently neutralized” and “identical” to OxyContin Nitropress (12mg and 16mg)

Complete physician prescribing information (CPD) for OxyContin Nitropress (12mg and 16mg)

The final combination of an integrated regimen is currently available by prescription to physicians in accordance with the prescribing information for oxycodone and other hydrocodone products.

Morphine XR (Percocet) tablets were slightly higher in action than OxyContin Nitropress.

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